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Kicking Hacky Sacks

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If you love spending some of your free time by kicking around Hacky Sacks, stop by The Wright Life to see the great selection we have available!  When you visit our store in old town Fort Collins, Colorado, you will find many different items in our store, including hacky sacks, snowboards, frisbees, and a full service skate shop!  

Hacky Sacks are very popular in every college town.  A great footbag to consider is the Dirtbag Footbag. This bag is great for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced hacky sack advocates.  This hacky sack is made of pure suede and has 8 different panels to keep it in tact.  The Dirtbag Footbag is made to last by World Footbag, the undisputed leader of footbags.  If you would like to view this product, or products like it, you can visit it’s product page online here.  There are many assorted colors that you can choose from to suit any style. If you have any questions for The Wright Life, you can direct them on our website and we would be glad to answer them!

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