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Frisbees and Footbag Fun At The Wright Life

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The Wright Life is located in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. We are a business all about disc golf and outdoor activities. As much as we love disc golf for humans, dogs love frisbees too. If you are looking for a dog frisbee, you have come to the right place. We have plenty of frisbees to choose from for your furry friend. All of our dog frisbees are  made to be durable and last.

We all love our furry friends, but they have their own discs. For us humans, we have the ultimate frisbees for you. Competitive or not, these discs are awesome. At the Wright Life we carry offical ultimate frisbees for playing in a match. We don’t stop there. We offer very colorful and fun frisbees with pictures and crazy colors.

Although we are a frisbee first store, we carry more than just a disc or two. Hacky Sacks are definitely in style. We have some fun footbags to choose from. Our footbags start from $4 and go up to $13. The hacky sacks are either crocheted or all leather. There are many colors to choose from! Pick your style and get kicking! Stop by The Wright Life today and check out our selections of both frisbees and footbags.  

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