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Dog Frisbees at The Wright Life

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We all know that dogs are big part of a lot of people’s everyday lives. If you are a dog lover, you especially know that dogs deserve only the best! The Wright Life concentrates on frisbees and how they can only be the best for humans and our furry friends, who are always the greatest of friends.  

Our bestselling dog frisbee is the Wham-O-Fastback Mispring. For only $2.99 this frisbee is a steal. This product comes in many assorted colors to fit your dogs taste.  This dog disc is easy to throw and easy to catch.  The disc was specifically designed to meet all needs of serious and competitive dog disc teams.  Although this disc is simple for beginners, it also does great for the more advanced.

Along with the Wham-O-Fastback Mispring, the Wham-O EuraBlend Fastback is just as great. This frisbee is a step up from the previous mentioned. This disc was made to last longer, therefore being more durable and priced a littler higher at $9.99.  This disc is great for cold weather and recommended for winter frisbee throwing because it was specifically made to resist cracking.  It is recommend by well known dog trainers around the USA.

Bring your dog into The Wright Life and let them sniff out their favorite frisbee disc and go get throwing!

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